Our approach to providing fund administration services is to bridge the often-observed gap that can exist between the fund manager and the administrator and between the administrator and the investor.

for the fund manager

It appears that many fund administrators fail to identify closely enough with the investment product they are servicing, although the fund manager would appreciate precisely such a sense of affinity.

By contrast, we endeavor to become an integral part of the fund manager's operational structure by broadening the standard fund administration tasks and operating literally as an extension of the investment manager's marketing and client relationship management team. This is something that other fund administrators, especially larger operations, are often not in a position to achieve.

for the investor

With our personal and customised approach, we are committed to responding swiftly to any investor requests relating to the investment.

Thanks to our thorough understanding of the fund manager's operations and investment strategy, we are able to add an additional comfort level in the investor's mind, which in turn will benefit the fund manager.

target clients

In line with our approach to service provision, we are best suited to any structure which requires a hands-on approach, creativity and a particularly strong commitment to the subject matter. We apply the same personal, hands-on approach to all our client services, but, thanks to the compact scale of our operation with its low back-office costs, we can do so at competitive rates.